Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coupon Crazy!!!

A few years back I watched the premier of a show called "Extreme Couponing" & immediately became hooked on the idea of saving a bunch of money by using coupons. I tried it for a bit and quickly became burnt out from trying to catch EVERY deal I could find. Back then I simply wanted the "rush" that comes from seeing your total drop down to mere pennies. I think all newbie couponers go through this stage but it is important to realize that we don't HAVE to go get every deal that comes out free for us. I remember buying hair dye because it came out free and never even using it! In the end I just gave it away to friends and family. 

I've recently decided to try once again since I know I have the time to do it and since we now live in a bigger city, it wouldn't hurt to save a few bucks here & there. ;)

Have you ever tried your hand at couponing? What kind of things held you back? Did you have the newbie rush of trying to call all the deals in one day? Have any tips for others that you'd like to share? :) 

If you have any questions for me on couponing please comment below! I'd love to help others learn how to save! :) 


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