Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Home Sweet Home" Project 1-Squeaky Clean Floors

Last week my goal was to scrub the floors clean of all the dirt stains and stubborn dirt that creeps into the cracks of the tile in the kitchen.

It took me about two days with help from all the girls in the house to finish and we left the floor looking great.  I really wish I would have took a "before" picture to show you all the difference between the beginning and the end.

We spent about 2 hours a day on our knees scrubbing the tile with antibacterial sprays and it was worth it.  I am looking into learning more about making my own cleaning products to save my family money and also make it "safer"  for the young ones.  I have a few ideas that I will share with you all later in other posts. If you all have any homemade cleaning product recipes feel free to share them with me! I enjoy learning new things that benefit not only myself but my family as well.
The picture above is a picture of the floor about 2 days after we cleaned it up. It is a little messy but that's what happens when you have people walking in and out! =o)

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